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Applied Business and Technology Bachelor's Degree

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The Applied Business and Technology bachelor’s degree is all about achieving your career dreams while making the process easy and flexible. You will take courses online or on campus in a specialized focus, connecting your education with business and management principles. You also have the opportunity to transfer up to 60 credit hours, providing a jump start on your degree. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, this degree option bridges together your passion with essential proficiencies like finance, communications, marketing and approaches to supervision, skills necessary to lead a team and excel within an organization.

Technology Management

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Technology management is a comprehensive degree that takes your marketability to the next level. This program connects previous skills with proficiencies in business, such as leadership, communications, accounting, marketing and project management. Bridging your interests with relevant business experience will personalize your bachelor’s degree while helping you standout from the rest.

Top Choice for Degree Completion

The technology management program prides itself on helping students finish what they’ve started by making the process easy. This program has a 96 percent acceptance rate and transferring already earned credits is simple. Students are able to maximize the value of their previously earned credits as well as take courses in the sequence that best fits their schedule, making technology management one of the top degree completion programs in the state.

Degree Meets You Where You’re At

Whether you’re a student transferring from another school or a busy parent or professional trying to complete your degree, the technology management program meets you where you’re at in life. With year-round start dates, you control the rate at which you learn. Courses are flexible and accessible: there are several course sections to choose from and are offered in 8 week and 16 week formats.

Kathy Brockway

“It is a privilege to teach in this degree option because I get to assist students with achieving a life-long dream. It’s a rewarding experience watching students transform through learning, completing their degree and accomplishing their goals. As a result of this program, our graduates become focused, driven and prepared to change the world.”

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Hayden Haake

“Through this degree option, my associate degree transferred seamlessly, bringing me that much closer to completing my education. It’s important to me to earn a bachelor’s degree because it plays a significant role in the military, opening up the possibility to commission as an officer. And my professors are ensuring I achieve that goal because they have been able to make adjustments to my class schedule for military training and temporary duty assignments.”

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John McMahan

“The flexibility of this degree option allowed me to work my full-time job and take care of my family while going to school. This bachelor’s degree has given me a competitive advantage over my peers and will help me with future promotions with the Kansas Highway Patrol.”

Luis Lopez

“Getting my degree helped me understand the dynamics of business and how I can incorporate that knowledge into my area of expertise. This degree option also gave me the boost I needed to begin a new career; and because of my job, I am able to pay my bills and have the opportunity to travel. My professors and instructors were always there to support me and went the extra mile to make sure that I succeeded.”