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Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology Bachelor’s Degree

Our program emphasizes both the theory and application of electronic circuits, instrumentation and computing systems. You learn in a hands-on environment about circuit theory, semiconductor applications, digital systems, microprocessor programming and interfacing.


Every Core Course has a Lab

Labs paired with each core course ensures you are learning electrical engineering material in our innovative, polytechnic, hands-on style. You’ll create your own circuit boards and power systems, and program your own processor to develop a fully functioning computer hardware system.

Innovative Projects

Your projects focus on utilizing up-to-date tools and systems to develop and build things with real-world applications such as weather stations, data sensors, guidance systems and more.

Broad Skillset

The program equips you with the skills needed to design, build, test, troubleshoot and implement projects and technologies. Being a small tight-knit campus, you also have the ability to work with other engineering technology students to produce the project you conceptualized and designed.

61% Earnings

A Poly Education