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At Kansas State University’s Polytechnic Campus, we turn belief into action. When you dig deeper than theory and classroom learning, you produce capable, forward-thinking leaders ready to solve global problems. You will learn by doing, whether through hands-on projects, research, internships or competitions. Faculty members are more than their diplomas on the wall; they’re experts in the field, and they are passionate about translating their know-how to the next generation of doers. Kansas State Polytechnic offers an education, but more so, an experience.

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Tyler Montgomery

Being involved in a campus club has played a crucial role in my experience at Kansas State Polytechnic. First of all, it’s a lot of fun and you make new friends. The faculty advisers of the clubs are valuable mentors to students, and clubs provide more practical applications of what is learned in class. I’ve gained new skills that I can use to better the school and the community.

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Joél Mills

I hope every new Polytechnic student considers living on campus because there are so many advantages to making your home in the residence halls. One of the biggest benefits I’ve noticed is my grades are better being in close proximity to the library, computer labs and my study groups. I manage my time more efficiently because everything is conveniently located nearby and I’ve met people that I know will be life long friends.

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Maddie Perry

I take my education very seriously and the scholarships that I have received at Kansas State Polytechnic allow me to focus on academic success. Because of financial assistance, I don’t have the added distraction and pressure of working a part-time job while earning my degree and flight hours. It also is a very rewarding feeling to be given a scholarship and that financial gift motivates me to be the best student and pilot I can be.

Elliot Rogers

I believe it is important that my generation is unique and versatile when transitioning to the work force, and on the polytechnic campus, students do not receive a cookie-cutter education. Every day, I learn from experts in my field of study and work on professional projects connected to industry. I have classes at 3,000 feet, so I’m definitely getting more than just textbook knowledge. This kind of hands-on education is what students need to standout and be successful.